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How Group Purchasing Works

Save more. Do more.

Through the collective purchasing power of our valued members, HRS is able to secure discounts on the premium supplies, equipment, and resources our members use every day. We provide access to an extensive portfolio of carefully negotiated contracts to help our members save more while making the most of every dollar they spend.

In partnership with key organizations such as Intalere we help our members find even more savings. We work to pinpoint waste and inefficiencies in supply chain because we know it’s not always about saving through discount pricing. By improving and streamlining processes and inventory our members often realize hidden opportunities to boost performance, patient satisfaction, and their bottom lines.

The HRS-Intalere team worked together to improve standardization and contract compliance, resulting in a cost savings of $766,000 for Virginia Mason Medical Center.

Our agreements cover a full spectrum of regional and national provider needs, including:

Medical/surgical products & equipment
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Senior care supplies & services
Food & Nutrition solutions
Pharmaceutical solutions
Diagnostic Imaging Resources
Miscellaneous 41final
Facility & Environmental products
Research & Laboratory Supplies
Office Equipment & supplies
Business & Staffing Services
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Construction Materials & Services
Elementary & Higher Education Supplies
Continuing Education Offerings
Athletic Equipment

And more…

Success begins with access.

How our partnerships work for you

At HRS, we go beyond our duties as a GPO. For over 30 years, our leadership team has worked tirelessly to cultivate an extensive network of powerful regional and national partnerships that gives our members access to the comprehensive supply chain and spend management strategy, tools, and specialist guidance they need to stay ahead of market trends, increase profitability and improve outcomes.

In addition to our affiliations with Intalere, our strong relationships with well-known distributors, suppliers, and service providers allow our members to leverage discounts on a wide range of quality healthcare and business-critical products and resources.

A message from Intalere, our valued affiliate.

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How our members drive our success

Tell us what you need.

Our business relies and thrives on member insights and engagement. We work closely with our members, both individually and through our councils, to select, negotiate, and secure the contracts, solutions, expert insights, and hands-on support they need to keep their bottom lines and your patients healthy.

We invite you to join HRS and participate in one of our national councils. Be sure to ask your representative for help identifying or negotiating any and all of your operational needs.

How HRS offers you more

We go the extra mile… literally.

HRS is one of a handful of GPOs that have a national team of dedicated field staff. Our representatives focus on helping you save across the entirety of your organization. They’ll help you get up and running, choose the right contracts, identify non-labor opportunities for savings through discounts or enhanced performance.

Your representative is only a phone call away and will even provide in-person support when and where you need it. And for our national members, our team will coordinate support across regions to offer the standardized service you need to guarantee the preservation of your brand.

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