Welcome Montana Medical Association Member

How to Enroll

The registration process begins in the blue box on this page. Anyone from your staff can complete this form.

1. Click “No” to indicate you are NOT a current member of Intalere.
2. Enter your Practice’s name in the "Facility Name" field.
3. Enter your Montana Medical Association member number in the dba/aka field.
4. Select “Clinic” from the Type of Organization dropdown menu.
5. Select “Montana Medical Association” from the referral dropdown menu.
6. Enter your Practice and Contact Information on Page 2-3.
7. After accepting the Letter of Participation on Page 4, hit “Submit”.

Using Your Intalere Membership

Within two business days, you should receive your Intalere member number and login credentials for the Intalere website. You will also receive an e-mail with a Vendor Offerings link, which allows you to browse the Montana Medical Association discount page.
To access these discounts, you can:

• Checkmark the vendors you are interested in on the discount packet and click “Submit”, and an Intalere representative will follow-up with any additional enrollment steps needed for each of the selected vendors.


• Sign in to www.hrs-intalere.com with your login credentials and click the red “Search Contracts” button. Each vendor listing will have a corresponding sign-up form, as well as a Contract Details link that will provide more information about their discounts. From here, you can also click “Request Assistance” if you need help with enrollment.

If you need any additional assistance, please contact the Intalere representative below.

Intalere Customer Service